Why Choose us?

Property Buddy is an easy to use, beautiful app for managing all your properties. Ditch that excel spreadsheet and try us out

Clean Design

We wanted to create an app that allowed a landlord to just pick up and go. So that's why we worked out every little detail to make it a perfect property management app.

Awesome Features

Not just pretty to look at, our app is packed full of powerful features to help make your work as a landlord simpler.


We are always listening to what our users are saying and are constantly adding new features and improving functionality.

Easy property management software

Intuitive Dashboard

Our elegantly designed dashboard shows all rent that has been collected, the outstanding amount for the previous month and current month. The cashflow bar graph shows all Income and Expenditures over a 12 month period.

Property rentals are also displayed in easy to understand sections with the rent amount due and number of days remaining shown.

Property Details

Important Details, at a glance

Easily see a property's details. The major features of the lease agreement are clearly displayed, a single click allows you to email an individual tenant or all tenants at once!

With our easy to use templates system, you can set up common emails, such as Rent Receipts or Overdue notices to save you retyping the same thing over and over.

A space to add your own notes and expenses incurred for the property are also shown.

Payments and Expenses

Log payments and expenses, quickly

With pre-populated rent amounts, full payments can be logged in a couple of taps. Partial payments can be entered by unchecking the payment period complete switch. Damages, Deposits and Other income can also be recorded, creating an easy to view audit trial and payment history.

Expenses for your property can be sorted into different categories, with optional tax fields, and ability to attach an image of the receipt.

Export to CSV

Reporting / Printing / Excel, taxes made simpler

Generate accurate reports that includes an income and expenditure statement for each rental property. Charges and payments against a property are categorized into their respective income/expense codes which makes it easy for you come tax time.

You can choose to print these reports directly from the app or email them to your accountant, or export to excel for your own records.

Documents and Reminders

Reminders & Document Storage, never forget

Set reminders for important events and receive a notification when it becomes due. Never forget insurance renewals, inspections, gas safety certificates or any other major event!

Take a photo of your expense receipt and any other documents. Property Buddy will store it for you. Easily view or email to anyone at any time.


Complete Solution

Property Buddy is simple, powerful and intelligently designed. We made it fast, accurate and incredibly easy to use.

Income & Expense

Track and categorise all your rental income and expenses in one tidy place.

Quick Information

Easily see a property's details, including next rent due date, lease information, tenants contact details and expenses incurred.

Easy Reporting

Quickly generate excel reports and email them straight to your inbox. PDF reports with AirPrint is now here!

Powerful Dashboard

Instantly see your rent payments due this month, payments received last month and all income & expenses for the year.


Set reminders so you never forget important dates for your property.